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Are you feeling that your life is passing you by or you find yourself putting things on hold until you feel more ready? Are you stuck in a rut or find yourself at a crossroads? Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed by your current challenges or disappointments? Or do you feel invisible and frustrated that that people do not take you seriously? Perhaps you feel unable to express yourself assertively or maybe suffer with low confidence and self esteem? Are you ready for your next career move or promotion but are full of self doubt? Or are you in transition from college to work and need to brush up on your interview skills? Perhaps you've been tasked with a leadership role or have taken on work demands and need some impartial advice, support and guidance.

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then we can help. Coaching offers a confidential and safe space to cultivate self awareness, acceptance, personal growth and change. It can be transformational as long as you are committed to doing whatever it takes to bring about the changes that you desire. People from all walks of life come to coaching, from farming backgrounds to lawyers, public servants to corporate professionals and parents to students. The Coaching process is characterized by a solution focused agenda; we will provide you with a supportive and non judgemental space for you to discuss whatever is on your mind. We tend not to spend too much time discussing the 'why' of situations but channel our time and energy into discussing what can be done about it.

Coaching asks many questions as questions are a very powerful resource as they can redirect the brain to reflect and look for other perspectives and possibilities. After all what is more empowering 'I can't or How can I? It is a positive, transformational and supportive experience. You will get out of it what you put in! People continue to tell us that on completion of a coaching program they usually feel back in control of their lives, confident of their ability to overcome their challenges and motivated to succeed in achieving new objectives!

Personal Development involves working from the inside out and no matter how small, can be life changing and can positively impact on the quality of life you live. So long as you have the courage and determination to commit to developing yourself, the results will be truly worth it!

Coaching with Emily & her Associates will help you to:

  • Develop greater Self Awareness & Self Acceptance

  • Increase Confidence & Self Esteem

  • Improve ability to make better decisions and choices

  • Increase capacity to deal with stress & anxiety

  • Develop greater ability to communicate effectively and assertively

  • Feel more in control and motivated to achieve

  • Uncover strengths and opportunities

  • Improve the quality of your relationships with others

  • Replace unhealthy habits of thinking & self sabotage behaviours

Get to know us better by requesting a free consultation. Click here to read more about the clients that we have engaged with. Learn more about our inspiring and transformational workshops in Life Management, Stress Management, Self Leadership, Aromatherapy for Psychological & Physical Wellbeing & Aromatherapy for Carer Groups, Group Talks and Communication Skills Training and Personal Safety