MBOS Consultants

Emily is Director of MBOS Consultants Limited and is based in Cork, however she works with clients & organisations throughout Ireland and overseas. She also has Associates working with her to compliment the menu of services offered to her clients.

Emily is an Executive, Business, Career & Personal Coach with an accreditation endorsed by the Institute of Leadership Management. She is also a seasoned Trainer, Columnist and Speaker who facilitates workshops and retreats for Personal & Corporate Groups whilst continuing her own studies in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Essence Qi Gong. She is uniquely qualified to develop people having spent over 20 years experience in diverse settings.

As an ex corporate professional her background is varied having spent in excess of ten years in sales management, coaching and leading teams of professionals to perform and achieve to their full potential before turning her hand to professional training & personal coaching. Add to that a further ten years of helping people to make sense of their lives and careers, through her coaching & personal development expertise. Emily creates a learning environment whereby each person can learn to develop confidence and inner strength, understand the importance of communicating effectively and assertively, find a new career or prepare for new job opportunities, eliminate unnecessary stress and develop a more positive outlook on life. As Ireland's representative for the International Council for Self Esteem, she is particularly passionate about empowerment.

Apart from running MBOS Consultants Limited and spending time with her husband and two sons, Emily is a sought after speaker and life skills columnist and appeared on RTE television as a guest coach for a children's television programme. She speaks to the corporate sector nationally & internationally on a range of topics including Work Life Balance, Stress Management, Self Leadership and Communication Skills.

Emily's philosophy is that people deserve to live their best life and therefore can be empowered and supported to achieve this. She is recognised for her engaging, energetic and inspiring approach and uses a blend of traditional resources and innovative tools to help people transform their lives to become better versions of themselves. Her strengths include her ability to be empathetic & challenging and has a sincere drive to bring real & lasting change to the lives of those who engage with her.

Her intuition, compassion and experience assists her greatly in identifying people's underlying fears, limiting beliefs and self destructive behaviours that often sabotage a person's development and overall wellbeing.

Given that all thoughts manifest and that all actions have a consequence. She stands by the belief that your thoughts, attitude and behaviours determine your life experiences which is encapsulated in this ancient Universal Law 'What you give out returns to you threefold'

Over the years she has come to realize that you can only grow as a person when you step beyond your comfort zone of familiar attitudes and experiences. Much of her writing encourages others to have the courage and emotional maturity to commit to developing themselves from the inside out. Personal Development no matter how small, will inevitably make all the difference in the world regarding the quality of life you live, the level of personal and professional success you achieve, the relationships you experience and ultimately to your health and wellbeing. One of the greatest things about life is that you can always have more because you can always become more. Personal Development may not easy but it is truly worth the time and effort.