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Mohdoh, the modern Stress ball, is a range of vibrant mouldable doughs, which were developed by cleverly harnessing the benefits of play therapy, colour therapy and aromatherapy to create a versatile well-being product that works.

mohdoh is a powerfulholistic product designed to help both adults and children cope with common problems.

Distressing conditions like stress, anxiety, colds and flu, travel sickness, insomnia, weight problems and even nicotine withdrawal can be relieved in an effective, inexpensive and - best of all - fun way.

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Atlantic Aromatics

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PURITY - All oils that carry the Atlantic Aromatics name have a guarantee of purity. To achieve this, they source their oils directly from farmers and distillers or from reputable specialist traders in therapeutic oils.

NATURALNESS - Oils are derived from plants which are grown as close to nature as possible (preferably in their native regions). They specialise in oils from plants grown organically or sustainably wild harvested and are certified by Organic Trust Ltd. Dublin, Ireland.

AROMA - Oils are chosen with rich aromas, oils that have been skilfully distilled to truly represent the plants from which they are derived.

VALUE - All products are supplied in secure simple packaging. This enables minimum costs and to maximise the quality and value to you the customer.

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