MBOS Consultants

The relationship between work life balance and mental and physical wellbeing is well documented - a balanced life equates to better health, greater performance & positive living. Many people struggle to juggle the demands of work, home, family, friends and self needs resulting in a downward spiral of fatigue, stress and unhealthy behavioural habits. During the talk you will have an opportunity to conduct your very own Life Audit which will enable you to reflect on your current lifestyle and view it from a different perspective, Additionally it will give you an insight into possible areas of neglect and any energy deficits.

You will also be introduced to some simple but powerful thought provoking tips to help you to manage yourself more effectively.

  • Why Work Life Balance is a Challenge

  • Work Life Balance Defined

  • Life Management Audit - Test Yourself for Imbalance

  • Understanding and Clarifying Values - Vales Clarification Exercise

  • Stress & Work Life Balance

  • How to Regain Control - Tips to take control